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This is a database of disability insurance agents. Select a state, and the database will display all of the disability insurance agents with licenses in that state. The results will be in order of the amount of posts that agent has made to the Disability Insurance Forums. You will be able to view the agents profile, email address, phone number, as well as review that agents last ten posts in the Disability Insurance Forums to get a sense of who they are before you choose whether or not to contact them.


Disability Insurance Forums does not check on each agents state licenses to make sure they are active, agents sign up their own states on the honor system. If an agent is displayed in the search results, it means they are telling Disability Insurance Forums that they are licensed to do business in that state. It does not mean that they live in that state. Disability Insurance Forums is simply an on-line message board for the subject of income protection, it does not employ any agents, and does not supervise any agents activities. If you choose to work with an agent you find on this system you are doing so at your own risk, Disability Insurance Forums can not be held liable for any activities of any agents displaying a license through this system. The design of this system is for a consumer to be able to find an agent on their own, and evaluate agents based on the information found on the message boards.

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